Fiction & Poetry

No matter what I do, writing has always been (and will be) my shelter and my scimitar, the best way to try and unriddle this world, or escape from it.

I write in Bulgarian and English, sometimes translating between the two, and sometimes I get published (or choose to self-publish). Here’s an overview of my finished works, followed by progress updates on my current/future undertakings.

“Sputnitzi” (Satellites) fantasy novel

An illustration of the novel characters having a tea party

The first draft of “Sputnitzi” dates back to 2012-2013 and it won third place in a contest for a Bulgarian fantasy novel in 2015. Its main flavour is adventure fantasy, seasoned with some comedy and a pinch of inspiration from Ireland and East Asia.

“Chai and Thea, an innocent old couple, are the only ones in the Empire who know about the secret plan of the rulers. The two embark on an epic journey to sabotage the Emperor’s scheme. But is this their only goal? A boy and a girl aim to find out while they travel with the elders. The path they take changes the future of the whole planet.”

You can read more about the book on its official page, which doubles as my literary blog in Bulgarian. After careful editing, in 2018 I published the novel at, a dedicated site I made to mimic an ebook reader. A translation to English is ongoing.

“Love & Differential Geometry”

Two Finonacci spirals forming a heart

This is an experimental crossover between poetry and web design, published at It’s in Bulgarian, but you can still take a look at the graphics. The interactive booklet explores topics of science, technology and the heart, with the mathematically sentimental approach of an Internet-tainted soul.

Short stories, etc.

Work in progress

“Satellites” translation
Physicist necromancer story