Web Worlds & Widgets

While I do remember a time before the Internet with some fondness, I’ve spent two-thirds of my life with a PC companion at my side, dabbling into programming and web design/development as a self-taught hobbyist. My “official” web presence under my own domain dates back to 2014, with various experiments hosted elsewhere as “early” as 2008.

A creative and useful webpage brings me as much delight and enrichment as a good book or a sonata. I’m always on the hunt for such rare treasures and, ultimately, strive to produce them, too—to the best of my rudimentary abilities.

My assorted webpages:

  1. The ħive (hive.bydessy.com)

    A collection of links, trivia, quotes and other curios. Updates semi-regularly and can be viewed as a feed of stuff I bothered to republish because it tickled me. Runs on Bludit.

    screenshot of the hive blog
  2. Fonts & Colours Are Enough

    Some designs using free Google fonts. An attempt to demonstrate the power of only two design elements: fonts and colours.

    screenshot of a web design site
  3. Magic Card or Metal Band?

    A small web game. The visitor is presented with a random phrase and should guess whether it is a Magic: The Gathering card name or a metal band name. More than a thousand names are included. Inspired by Friday Nights and my friends.

    magic card or metal band web game
  4. Various writings

    My main reason for making a new webpage is usually to publish some new writing. These pages are listed in the fiction & poetry section.

Webpages I made for others

Often, I pester my friends to allow me to make them a webpage for their project. Sometimes, they agree. I have done some freelancing as well. Below, I’ve gathered the fruit of these endeavours. If you would be interested to collaborate with me on any web adventure, do send me an email.

  1. The Nonconformist Alternative (newfilmalternative.com)

    A Bulgarian culture platform aiming to promote art cinema and support young, independent filmmakers. They needed a website to showcase their monthly cinema programmes and other information.

    Based on the platform’s already established graphics (by Iva Veleva), the website is in tune with the flyer and ticket designs.

    Nonconformist Alternative website screenshot
  2. Natural Ficiton (naturalfiction.com)

    A friend of mine wrote a sci-fi gamebook. I made him a website for it. Check it out!

    Natural Fiction website screenshot

Tools, code, experiences

In the near future, I will compile here some of the resources I have found useful along the way. Or I shall write about software, design and the Web, letting my inner nerd free to ramble on and assuming anyone reading this knew what they were getting into.