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Meet me

Hello there! If you know this web address, you probably know me (or know of me) already. Still, it’s swell that you’re here to see how I’m doing. And on the off-chance you haven’t got a clue what this loony place is and who’s the ravishing genius behind it, fear not. Proceed reading.

Portrait photo of Dessy in greyscale

Character sheet

Name Dessy (Desislava Daskalova)
Race Human with gnomish tendencies
Class Physicist/Bard
Alignment Trying to be True Neutral
Weapons Lasers and puns
Languages Bulgarian, English, Spanish, German, html+css+js

Usually, I spend my time in the realms of physics, or in front of a text editor either putting websites together, or writing stories and poems. My mind is restless, however, so over the years I’ve collected many entries to a personal encyclopaedia of sorts, some of which I share here.

Instead of frequently posting in a blog dedicated to one particular topic, I choose a lazier slower and more deliberate approach, integrating most of my interests and activities under one roof. Then, naturally, a disintegration follows, so that chaos is put into order again. The result is Dessyntegration, a bad-pun name for a bedazzling website.

Well then—look around and enjoy. Perhaps you’ll find something of merit. And now, the news.

Tavern whispers

Other personal entries

On the rare occasion that I want to share something with the world, or publish a note to self.